Velvet Ribbon

Wholesale velvet Ribbons

Holiday Manufacturing Inc.’s velvet ribbon wholesale collection comes in a dazzling array of shades, from pale pastel to deep jewel tones to fit perfectly in any decorating project. We have blended the classic elegance of velvet with bold colors and premium elements such as metallic and fur trim to give you ribbons the ability to give the perfect finishing touch to your gift packaging, wreaths, and much more. We sell wholesale velvet ribbons by the rolls. You can find 20 yards, 25 yards, 50 yards, and 100 yards of velvet ribbons for your projects and we hardly ever run out of stocks.
Wired and Non Wired Ribbon
Our velvet ribbon comes in wired and non-wired options depending on the effect you are trying to achieve with your decoration. Wired ribbons are ideal for creating intricate bows and other projects where the ribbon is required to hold its shape. Non-wired velvet ribbon can be used in a similar fashion but the finished look will be softer and you may need to “re-fluff.”
Ribbon Durability
Most of our wholesale velvet ribbons are completely weatherproof which means they will not lose their elegance, festive look, shape, and color under extreme weather conditions. Several of our velvet ribbons are categorized as weather-resistant” and will still not lose their charm under normal weather conditions.
Get these versatile velvet ribbons at awesome wholesale prices!