Satins, Grosgrain, Organza

In this section, you will find our collection of satins, grosgrain, and organza which are all stiff, thick fabrics that add weight and depth to your decorating. Holiday Manufacturing Inc.’s satins offer a soft sheen while grosgrain ribbons have a matte finish. Organza is a stiff but sheer fabric often used in wedding decorations and bridal showers.

Wired and Non Wired Ribbon
Holiday Manufacturing Inc.’s satins, grosgrain, and organza ribbon spools come in wired and non-wired options depending on the effect you are trying to achieve with your decorating. Wired ribbons are ideal for creating intricate bows and other projects where the ribbon is required to hold its shape. Unwired can be used in a similar fashion but the finished look will be softer and you may need to “re-fluff.”

Ribbon Durability
The majority of our satins, grosgrain, and organza ribbons are colorfast and are dyed with special pigments that will not run or fade. Several are classified as “weather resistant” and will still maintain their look under normal weather conditions. Those that are “weather-sensitive” are more delicate and are intended for indoor use or very temporary outdoor use.