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Medium Bows - 8 in to 14 in wide

Holiday Manufacturing Inc. is committed to offering the greatest range of bow sizes to meet all your decorating and gift wrapping needs. Our medium bows are in between our large bows and small bows for wreaths and decorating that need something extra without being overpowering.

Many of our medium bows come in multi-packs making them ideal for when you need an impressive but inexpensive bow to decorate a large number of wreaths or gifts baskets. Charitable organizations and nonprofits who sell holiday baskets and wreaths for fundraising find these particularly useful.

Medium Flat Bows
All of our medium flat bows come in red, burgundy or brick velvet making them a great addition to holiday decorating and gifting. Tied with gold tinsel, our flat bows are some of the best value bows you can find. Each is weatherproof and comes in 4 or 6 loop design. We also offer matching ribbon for even more versatility.

Medium Pre-Fluffed Bows
Our medium pre-fluffed bows offer some of the best variety in terms of size, color and pattern. Pre-fluffed bows come to you already assembled and ready to be placed.

Medium Pull Bow
Medium pull bows offer you all the elegant, fun and professional looking gift-wrapping and decorating options of other bows but with a convenient, space-saving design. These bows are shipped flat, but a quick pull of their ribbon will form a perfect, round bow with tails.