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Large Bows - 15 in to 23 in wide

Large Bows- Indoor and Outdoor

Our large-size bows will bring a 'wow' factor to your decorations. These bows are the most preferred choice to use as large outdoor Christmas bows. Our large bows are available in 15", 18", 20'and 22" widths. These big bows are weatherproof and perfectly hand-tied and come in shades of blues, purples, reds, pinks, greens, whites, and metallic colors. Three basic types include flat bows, pre-fluffed bows, and rigid PVC bows. You can find them ideal for a variety of presents, decorating themes, celebrations, and outdoor Christmas events. Combine our large Christmas bows with different sizes in complementary colors to create a unique decorating theme for any occasion.
Where to Use Large Bows?
Large Pom-pom Bows
Our large pom-pom bows are fully rounded bows with many loops that create the perfect shape for making unique centerpieces, bouquets, or kissing balls for weddings, dances, and more.
Large Magnetic Bows
Magnetic bows are designed to hold up to outside weather conditions and to stick to your vehicle or any other metal surface such as boats, garage doors, and appliances. Car dealerships find these ideal for decorating during sales events and holidays like Christmas, Easter, and more.
Large Star Bows
The most classic bow design for presents are large pointed star bows that are made of rigid PVC plastic that will always retain their shape. These have a non-scratch, magnetic back that makes them a great option for putting on cars or using in temporary store displays.