Interior Home Decorating

Holiday Manufacturing Inc. helps you create a theme from season to season and holiday to holiday with our wide range of bows that can be used throughout the year to create a tied together look in each room of your home. Our hand-tied bows in velvet and satin are sturdy enough to be used as year-round decorations on the backs of chairs or as accents for pillows.

Our classic red velvet bows are perfect for dressing up any room and are a simple way to decorate that doesn’t involve fragile ornaments or strings of lights that use up electricity and can get hot to the touch.

Where to Use Your Bows

Tree Decorations:
We have bows to both top your Christmas tree and to hang from the branches. Bows can be used along with other decorations or in place of ornaments which are more expensive and fragile.
With Wreaths:
We offer classic red velvet bows along with patriotic and harvest bows to complement wreaths and decor throughout the year.
Along a Mantle:
Our long tailed bows can secured along a mantle for an elegant and decorative flair.
Curtain Ties:
With our wide assortment of ribbons you can create a custom look for your curtains for every season.
Use one of our large, round, 20 loop bows as a centerpiece on its own or use several bows to create a unique bouquet perfect for holiday decorating, birthday parties and weddings.
On Lampshades/Lamps:
Tie a festive bow around the top or base of each lampshade in a room to pull your theme together.
A simple pillow can be easily accented with one of premium satin bows either by looping the tails around the pillow or with a simple stitch or pin to secure it.
Party Decorating:
Use bows as centerpieces, table decorations, wall decorations, or a festive way to secure gift bags.

Wholesalers and Retailers
Holiday Manufacturing Inc. creates hand-tied bows for garden centers, decoration outlets, tree farms and commercial decorators. Take advantage of our volume discount and order our bows for interior home decorating to be sold in your store and give your customers the very best decorating options.

Holiday Manufacturing Inc. is dedicated to helping you get just the right interior home decorating look you want. We stock dozens of different ribbon widths, patterns, fabrics, and colors but can also create custom orders from thousands of ribbons not featured on our site. Browse our catalog and contact us today to find out how we can give your home that something extra special!