Giant Bows - 24 in and wider

Ever wonder where they get those GIANT bows you see at car dealerships and commercial Christmas displays? Holiday Manufacturing Inc. is the place for hand tied, giant bows that create a memorable and eye-catching display. Our bows come in a variety of colors, fabrics and styles to make the kind of decorating presentation that will have customers stopping to take a look. Residential customers, decorate the outside of your home and be well on your way to owning “that cool house” with the best decorations in the neighborhood.

Where to Use Giant Bows
Car dealerships make up a large part of our market for giant bows, especially our magnetic bows that are perfect for sticking to a car without additional fastenings or risk of damaging the paint. However, giant bows can also be used at:
  • Malls and Grocery stores
  • Exterior of Homes
  • Large Tree Toppers
  • Large Wreath Decorations
  • On Signs and Lamp posts
  • Grand Openings
  • Home Shows
  • Sales Events
  • Commercial Holiday Decorating
  • Car Dealerships

Because large bows can easily be seen during the day, unlike strings of light, they can make far better decorations for businesses that operate mostly during daylight hours. Use them on their own or combine them with lights for a festive look that will draw attention to your business or home day or night.
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