Cord, Ropes, Etc

Holiday Manufacturing Inc.’s cords and ropes help you put the finishing touches on your decorating and are perfect for securing secure bows and other ornamentation. Used in gift wrapping and weaving our wraphia ribbon is a must-have addition to any crafter’s toolbox for its durability and weaving capabilities. Our gold tinsel cord is typically used to secure the centers of bows and to attach to gift baskets and packages. Convenient 100 yard spools make our cords and ropes an ideal addition to florist shops, gift wrapping centers and more.

Wired and Non Wired Cords
Holiday Manufacturing Inc.’s cords and ropes come in wired and non-wired options depending on the effect you are trying to achieve with your decorating. Wired cords are ideal for creating intricate bows and other projects where the cord is required to hold its shape. Unwired can be used in a similar fashion but the finished look will be softer.

Ribbon Durability
All of our cords and ropes are “weatherproof” and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.
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