Wholesale bows

At Holiday Manufacturing Inc., we are committed to providing wholesale bows of different styles, textures, shades, and sizes for any and all of your holiday decorating needs, from large indoor and outdoor bows to small gift-decorating bows. For every decoration project, you’re planning, we have a bow to fit in perfectly.
With our wholesale bows, you can be assured you are getting a supreme quality, US-made product that you can proudly use on gifts for loved ones or to adorn your residential and commercial spaces. Order bows in wholesale to get a discounted price and use our bows for gift baskets, retail displays, wreaths, and as part of your decorations for holidays, festivals, and special events along with other decorative items.
Whether your order is small for a personal project or you want to make wholesale purchases of bows, we will fulfill your requirements in the best manner right from manufacturing to shipping.