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Flaunt Your decorations with Giant Bows

Isn’t it amazing to look at the extra big bows that cover cars, big gift boxes and even buildings like houses and commercial units. Big bows just simply and clearly convey warmth and care and are often used to make someone feel really special, celebrated and give them utter delight.

Extra-large sized bows have found enormous uses for a variety of celebrations in holiday seasons and on special events. Imagine how would you feel if presented with a giant gift box embellished with the most beautiful big red bow? I am sure you would feel on cloud nine.Some gifts are so huge and you just cannot fit them inside a box or a bag. For example, if you wish to present a lavish gift to someone like a brand new car or a home, then such large-size presents can only be best paired with giant bows to give them the perfect finishing touch and adding some extra flair and cheer. And, the gift recipient can never feel more special than when he receives such an enormous gift beautifully decorated with the best big bow.

When are extra large bows used for decorations?

You can use big bows on a variety of occasions such as:

  • Grand openings and renovations of commercial buildings, shopping malls, corporate offices and car showrooms.
  • Venues for special events like weddings, birthday celebrations, graduation ceremonies, housewarming, etcetera are often decorated with large ribbons and bows to make the ambience look more appealing and add more cheer.
  • Christmas day celebrations are often incomplete without large size bows.
  • While presenting gigantic gifts such as cars and houses, giant bows are always preferred.

Make your big gifts more special

Giant bows add more grace and elegance while you give special big gifts. Not only cars, you can use them for bikes, yacht, private airplanes as well. You can also attach them on big television screens, pool tables, play houses and golf cars. So, if you are trying to make someone feel so special by giving such large and impressive gifts, then why not to make them more impressive by mounting a beautiful large red bow on top of them?

Buy your best big bows

If you are planning to surprise your dear ones with gifts embellished with giant bows, you can make amazing purchases at Holiday Manufacturing Inc.And if you have a unique idea on your mind regarding a custom-designed bow, you can place an order and we will be more than glad to give you personalized service and that too at the best prices in the market.

Our awesome range of big bows are made from tough material like PVC, velvet, nylon, and others and you can enjoy a great variety of solid and mixed colors with beautiful edges and trim designs as well. Talking about durability, our bows have high resistance against extreme weather conditions and are really long lasting. You can find a lot of size variations in terms of widths, tail lengths and number of loops and you can always find one that will be compatible with your project. Some of the large bows are structural and some are pre-fluffed to not lose their shape while they are at work.