Awareness Decor

Start a Conversation
When a loved one is ill you may wonder what you can really do to help. Awareness ribbons help start a conversation about both common causes and less well-known diseases and conditions. Awareness ribbons can also create a sense of community and support for those who are battling illness, their caregivers and loved ones. Holiday Manufacturing Inc. has been working with businesses, nonprofits and other organizations for over a decade to spread awareness through colored ribbons, loops and bows.

Common Cause Awareness Ribbons

Yellow represents a variety of causes including suicide awareness and military support.
Breast cancer awareness and abdominal cancer.
Mourning and POW/MIA awareness.
For a complete list of awareness ribbons and colors visit here: List of Awareness Ribbons

Custom Orders
Need a cause ribbon color or pattern that isn’t represented on our site? We have access to thousands more ribbon styles that are not featured in our catalog and we can create a special order for you and your organization. Contact us for custom orders. Please Note: We prefer to take orders of a thousand or more pieces for custom jobs but will try to work with you.

Wholesalers and Retailers
Holiday Manufacturing Inc. creates hand-tied bows for garden centers, decoration outlets, tree farms, and commercial decorators. Show your support for your preferred cause and give your customers the chance to do the same by distributing awareness ribbons.