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Giant All Red Structural Bow

Model: GB-07a
Durability:Weather proof
Wired Ribbon:Yes
Our Giant All-Red Structural Bow comes in 24, 36, 48, 60, and 72 inch widths. Pre-made and suitable for exterior and interior use. Reinforced inside for easy reshaping. Attaches to any vehicle with suction cups (included) or other structures with wire (included).

For 60 and 72 inch wide bows, actual shipping will be added after checkout. This can vary dramatically from what is listed at checkout. Due to their size, 72 inch bows will ship via common carrier (LTL), no matter what choice is selected.

WidthTail LengthRibbon WidthSold in Qty of
24 inch22 inch7 inch2
36 inch45 inch9 inch1
48 inch60 inch12 inch1
60 inch72 inch14 inch1
72 inch84 inch18 inch1

Dimensions are approximate. Some variation is possible.

Please note that fading of this product can occur in certain environments and there is no warranty against fading. We recommend using a product like TREK7 Ray Bloc. Enter "holidaybows" on their website as a coupon for a 5% discount off your order with them.

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24 in wide (2 pack) ($102.29)
36 in wide (1 pack) ($112.57)
60 in wide (1 pack) ($347.68)
72 in wide (1 pack) ($459.09)
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