Hand Tied Occasion Ribbons and Bows

Whether you like your decorations classic or trendy, understated or over-the-top, Holiday Manufacturing has bows to help you create your ideal special event, party or holiday decor.
We have white ribbons for weddings, classic red velvet bows for Christmas, patriotic bows for July 4th and many more.

Bows for Weddings

Our luxurious satin and organza bows are available in a variety of colors including white, pale pastels and deeper colors to match any wedding color scheme. Weatherproof satin bows in white and ivory are delicate looking but can withstand even the worst weather conditions making them ideal for outdoor weddings and car decorating.

Use Holiday Manufacturing's wedding bows throughout your special day:
  • On The Limo/Car: Our weatherproof ribbon options can withstand extreme weather and, when fastened properly, can retain their shape even on the outside of a vehicle.
  • Centerpieces: Use one of our large, round, 20 loop bows as a centerpiece on its own or use several bows to create a unique bouquet.
  • On Chairs: Dress up plain chairs by adding a gorgeous satin or organza bow.
  • Small Bows for Place Cards and Guest Gifts: Make your guests feel special by making their placecards worthy of being saved to a scrapbook by including a small ribbon which corresponds with your wedding’s theme.

Red Velvet Christmas Bows

Few things represent the winter holidays better than the classic red velvet bow that goes hand in hand with memories of early morning present unwrapping, hot cocoa sipping and the warm feeling of being cozy inside while it snows outside.

Holiday Manufacturing lets you spread that feeling throughout your home with our wide range of weatherproof red velvet bows. Our Red Velvet Christmas Bows come in a wide range of widths and sizes for you to wrap gifts, top trees, and even adorn the outside of your home.

Wholesalers and Retailers

Holiday Manufacturing creates hand tied bows for garden centers, decoration outlets, tree farms and commercial decorators. Take advantage of our volume discount and order our bows for holiday and event decorating to be sold in your store and give your customers the very best decorating options.

Holiday Manufacturing takes pride in providing the best bow decorations to make your holidays and special events as beautiful and memorable as possible. Contact us today to find out more about how bows can tie your decor together.
#40 Ten Loop Prints Bow/GLORY

#40 Ten Loop Prints Bow/GLORY

SKU :2042-990-54

#40 Ten Loop Wired Pumpkins Bow

#40 Ten Loop Wired Pumpkins Bow

SKU :2107-990-54