Exterior Home Decorating

Outdoor Bows for Exterior Home Decorating

Holiday Manufacturing makes exterior home decorating faster and easier than any other decoration type with a wide variety of weather proof and weather resistant ribbons that will continue to look elegant and polished throughout the season.
Our selection of colors and patterns means we can create the right bow to complement your home’s exterior and any other decorations you may want to incorporate.

Exterior Bows All Year Long

Our classic red velvet bows are all available in weather proof ribbon making them the perfect outdoor decoration to stand up to the harshest winter weather conditions. The color of our weather proof bows will not fade or run and this bright pop of red hung on a front door, above the garage or along the eaves can make your home look warm and inviting on even the coldest winter days. We also offer patriotic ribbons, harvest ribbons and an entire rainbow of colors to create your perfect outdoor home decorating theme all year long.

Along with larger bows that can be hung on their own, we offer outdoor bows to be used with wreaths. Follow these size suggestions when ordering a bow for your wreath:

Wreath SizeBow SizeBow Dimension
8" ring6 loop # 96" diameter, 6" tails
10" ring4 loop #408" diameter, 12" tails
12" ring6 loop #408.5" diameter, 14" tails
16" ring8 loop #4010" diameter, 17" tails
24" ring10 loop #4012" diameter, 24" tails
36" ring10 loop #10015" diameter, 35" tails
48" ring & larger10 loop BIG!24" diameter, 60" tails

Please note, we currently do not sell wreaths but can assist you in finding a supplier. We also have several decorative add-ons you can use with your bows and wreaths including pinecones, bells and holly berries. Click here for a complete list of our additional bow and wreath add-ons.

Wholesalers and Retailers
Holiday Manufacturing creates hand tied bows for garden centers, decoration outlets, tree farms and commercial decorators. Take advantage of our volume discount and order our outdoor bows for exterior home decorating to be sold in your store and give your customers the very best decorating options.

Volume Discounts
  • Over $250 - 15% discount
  • Over $500 - 20% discount
Our volume discounts are available to all of our customers and you do not need to be a wholesaler or retailer to benefit. There is also no minimum order amount.

Whether you use many small bows or one of our giant bows, we guarantee our products will help you create just the right look for the outside of your home. Holiday Manufacturing looks forward to making your home look as nice outside as it does inside! Contact us today to get started with your 100% satisfaction guaranteed order!
#40 Ten Loop Gold Back Velvet Bow/BRICK

#40 Ten Loop Gold Back Velvet Bow/BRICK

SKU :2081-381-54

#40 Ten Loop Plaid Bow/METALLIC Plaid

#40 Ten Loop Plaid Bow/METALLIC Plaid

SKU :2053-990-54

#40 Ten Loop Prints Bow/AUTUMN BREEZES

#40 Ten Loop Prints Bow/AUTUMN BREEZES

SKU :2041-990-54

#40 Ten Loop Prints Bow/STRIPE

#40 Ten Loop Prints Bow/STRIPE

SKU :2042-991-54