Novelty Ribbon

Add a touch of whimsy to your gift wrapping, decorating and tree trimming with our collection of novelty ribbons featuring elaborate patterns and festive prints.
Choose our cheery snowman print or candy canes to instantly make your holiday gifts extra special. Holiday Manufacturing’s harvest print ribbons feature fall leaves, pumpkins and autumn colors for decorating wreaths, floral arrangements and cornstalk bunches.

Wired and Non-Wired Novelty Ribbon
Holiday Manufacturing’s novelty ribbon spools come in wired and non-wired options depending on the effect you are trying to achieve with your decorating. Wired ribbons are ideal for creating intricate bows and other projects where the ribbon is required to hold its shape. Unwired can be used in a similar fashion but the finished look will be softer and you may need to “re-fluff” the loops.

Ribbon Durability
The majority of our novelty ribbons are completely weatherproof which means they can stand up to extreme weather conditions and maintain their elegant, festive look, shape and color. Several of our novelty ribbons are classified as “weather resistant” and will still maintain their look under normal weather conditions.

Ribbon Widths and Uses
We have the right width ribbon for all of your project or décor needs. Here is a quick guide to choosing your ribbon width:
1/16” – 5/8” Ribbon
The thinnest of our ribbons are perfect for gift wrapping and are often referred to as “narrows” or “trim ribbon”. These thin ribbons are often used for scrapbooking and decorating small wedding and party favors. These ribbons are thin enough to be used as part of corsages and boutonnieres or to secure balloons to gift baskets and chairs.

7/8” – 1 1/2” Ribbon
These ribbons are commonly used for gift wrapping and packaging and can also be used for hair bows/headbands and bouquet ties. Use these ribbons in multiple width and colors to create a stacked or layered bow effect.

2” – 2 1/2” Ribbon Often used for wreaths and garlands, ribbons in this range are thick enough to stand out in larger decorations without being overpowering. These ribbons are also good for bold gift wrapping for presents and decor.

4” Ribbon and Beyond These thick to ultra-thick ribbons often come in the richest fabrics and intricate, fashionable designs. These wide ribbons are most often used for specialty bows and creating home décor elements like garlands, mantel decorations, chair ties and wreaths.

#40 Wired Reindeer Ribbon/RED/25 yds

#40 Wired Reindeer Ribbon/RED/25 yds

SKU :2110-990-66